Security of supply in case of a gas shortage

Dear customer,


we would like to inform you about the possible effects on our industry in case of a gas shortage or a state-regulated gas distribution.

Basically, the maintenance of operations at MEDI Kabel itself is almost independent of any gas deliveries. Operation and heating take place via an environmentally friendly groundwater heat pump, which is also operated from our own electricity generation.

With regard to the supply chain, we currently do not see any delivery bottlenecks coming up. In case of government regulation, it will depend on the quantities of gas that are still available for the respective branches of industry. The corona pandemic in particular has shown that a certain systemic relevance was of great importance in the distribution of raw materials, but also in international border traffic.

In fact, gas plays a key role in the production of granules. In some cases even components for certain plastics are obtained through chemical processes. The operation of plants in the production of raw materials often takes place with gas systems.

Raw materials from a wide variety of manufacturers have different properties due to special, sometimes secret, recipes. A general, direct switch to other suppliers is just as difficult or sometimes impossible due to the different areas of application, special product approvals in risky areas (e.g. medicine, energy, aerospace) as it is in the areas of standards (UL, CSA, VDE), because every plastic from a manufacturer behaves differently during extrusion and has to be processed differently. This often requires months of testing in advance so that products can be manufactured in accordance with standards or special customer specifications and approvals.

Certainly it is also partly possible to convert some standard products relatively quickly to other world markets. Due to the development of raw materials and energy prices (manufacturing and freight) you also have to reckon with cost increases.

If we learn relevant news from our production facilities or the raw materials sector that affect deliveries or supply chains, we will automatically inform our customers immediately.


Kind regards,

MEDI Kabel GmbH