The „Bavarian Association“ 

Made in Germany

After many years of partnership-based coopera-tion between “Kabel Sterner GmbH” and “MEDI Kabel GmbH”, they founded “ByK Bayern Kabel GmbH”. So the company-network “The Bavarian Association” was created.
The companies have different orientations as well as different product focuses and are legally and economically independent.
Consequently our costumers have access to MEDI Kabel’s trade relations with their high-performing distribution- and procurement logistics and/or the possibility to initiate the development and produc-tion of cables directly with the producing compa-nies Kabel Sterner and ByK Bayern Kabel.

This enables us to offer our customers benefits like competitive prices through annual frame-orders, reduction of storage- and logistic costs, optimized lead times, shorter reaction times, etc.
Due to decades of experience in cable production, distribution- and procurement logistic we can en-sure that our costumers receive the highest pos-sible quality and an optimal service.

Following the principle: 
“A strong team for all connections”!

The Companies of the bavarian association