Copper quotation

Dear business partners,

the DEL note for copper was used as the basis for billing in cables and wires.
As of February, the 14th 2022, this note will no longer be published.

In order to be able to process our transactions in the usual way, we have defined a new accounting basis, based on the previous procedure.

Therefore, complex adjustments in the ERP system aren’t necessary. This process focuses on transperancy and simple implementation.

Agreed basic and hollow prices are not affected by the change and remain valid.

In the future, we will calculate the metal prices according to the following scheme:
The daily updated copper quotation (basis UB) is taken from the market data of the company Südkupfer. The copper quotation is based on the LME Settlement Kasse ASK in USD (at the end of noon at 13:35 CET).

The conversion into EUR is based on the Bloomberg foreign exchange reference price BFIX Frankfurt BID course 14:00 CET (Publication takes place at 14:30 CET). The cathode bonus has already been considered in the usual market surcharges. The calculation basis for the sales price is the published quotation from the day before the order was received + known procurement costs. 

We ask for your understanding of this short-term adopted measure.

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.